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Science, Wisdom, and the Future



2005 Evolutionary Directionality

2004 Cosmic Evolution

2003 Profitable Sustainability

1996 Evolution of Humanity

1995 Epic of Evolution


Evolution of Religion
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The International Conference on the Evolution of Religion brought together leading scholars across a variety of disciplines to discuss scientific and integrative aspects of evolutionary theories of religion. The first part of the conference addressed new research in the cognitive
 and evolutionary study of religion. Talks reviewed specific new advances in the naturalistic study of religion. The second part of the conference stepped back from these scientific studies
 to consider more general philosophical questions. Speakers assessed the power and
limitations of evolutionary understandings of religious thought and life, and the implications
 of such understanding for religious belief and commitment.

Conference Participants at Work

The Terrace Room

Robert Emmons

Taking a Break

Bill Irons, Justin Barrett, Tom Lawson

Jeff Schloss and Alfred E. Newman

Daniel Dennett


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Some 50 speakers included such notables from diverse disciplines and approaches as:

Justin Barrett
Senior Director University of Oxford
Centre for Anthropology and Mind

Joseph Bulbulia
Professor of Religious Studies
Victoria University New Zealand

Dwight Collins
Director, Project Oriented Learning, Presidio School of Management
President, Collins Family Foundation

Carleton Coon
Retired U. S. Ambassador
Vice President, American Humanist Association

Daniel C. Dennett

Department of Philosophy
Co-Director, Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University

Michael Dowd
North America’s Evolutionary Evangelist

Stewart Guthrie
Anthropology Emeritus, Fordham University

Robert Emmons

Professor of Psychology, University of California, Davis

Barbara Marx Hubbard

President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

William Irons

Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University

Dominic Johnson
Princeton Society of Fellows, Princeton University

Barnaby Marsh
Department of Zoology, Oxford University
Director of Venture Philanthropy Strategy and New Programs Development, John Templeton Foundation

Michael Murray

Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor of Humanities
Chair, Philosophy Department, Franklin and Marshall College.

Peter Richerson

Department of Environmental Science and Policy
University of California, Davis

Jason Slone
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Webster University, St. Louis

Richard Sosis
Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Connecticut

Lyle Steadman
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Arizona State

Ann Taves
Department of Religious Studies
 University of California, Santa Barbara

Paul Wason

Director of Science and Religion Programs
John Templeton Foundation

Harvey Whitehouse

Professor of Social Anthropology
Head of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
University of Oxford

David Sloan Wilson

Department of Biological Sciences
Binghamton University

Conference Participants at Play

Aloha Buffet Dinner

Dan Dennett, Bill Irons, Michael Dowd

Russ Genet in a Glider

Amy Bix at the Arizona Memorial

Justin Barrett

Erica Harris and Dimitris Xygalatas