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Poster and Display Registration
Posters: Presentation of a paper related to the overview topics of the conference.
Display: Presentation of books and other media, an organization, or a related conference.

All posters and displays must be presented on a standard tri-fold foam poster board
and other materials must fit on the table area in front of the poster.

They can be set up between 1:00 & 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 24th
(or by special arrangement - send an email to

Your Poster & Display registration entitles you to submit a short bio (200 words or less)
and other information (see Presenters page) and your Word document or PDF for posting on the website. 
Email them to (Subject: Bio and/or Poster Paper)

If you choose to post your paper you must provide a fully edited version, not to exceed 2000 words.  It will be posted and linked to your bio but not edited or changed in any way. You are solely responsible for its content.

To register a poster paper or display, please send an email (Subject: Poster & Display Registration)
 with the following information to

It is suggested that you simply copy the items below into the body of the email
and enter your information, if you wish to pay the $15 fee by PayPal.

   Your name:

   Your title/institution (if appropriate):

   Have your registered for the conference?:
   (If not, please do so first)

   Title of your paper or display:

   Description of your materials:


PayPal Payment
(PayPal Account or Credit Card)

Or you may provide the information above on a piece of paper and enclose a check (USD) for the $15 fee
made out to 
Science, Wisdom, and the Future Conference

and mailed to:

Science, Wisdom, and the Future Conference
c/o  Dannielle Tassell
400 N. Laredo Dr. 
Payson, AZ 85541

If you wish to provide your own standard 36" x 48" tri-fold foam poster board,
simply so state and request a waiver of the fee.