Conference Dates: Wednesday, June 24 - Sunday Evening, June 28, 2009
Optional Half-Day Workshop Monday June 29, 2009

Print and fill out this form. 
Make check or money order (USD) payable to Science, Wisdom, & the Future Conference
and mail both to the conference registrar:

Science, Wisdom, & the Future Conference  c/o Dannielle Tassell
400 N. Laredo Ln., Payson, AZ 85541

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Step 3a: Registration fee and optional conference expenses - see registration page for full description

(Please be sure to complete  Steps 1 & 2)

 General Registration 
        $295 Registration
$  75 Per-day registration  (USD)

     ●  Fee covers conference day(s), Evening Speaker(s) 
         and Evening Theater
      ●  Fee includes buffet lunch each day
           (Including per-day rate)

       ●  Fee includes conference proceedings
           (except per-day rate)

       ●  Fee does not include other meals or activities     
 Adios Buffet  6:00 pm Sunday, June 28
    $38 per person
(plus tax and gratuity = $49)

You may use this form to order the Adios Buffet even if you are not registering for the conference.
Where From Here? Workshops (Optional)
9:00 am - 1:30 pm June 29
    $30 per person
   (Includes buffet lunch and materials)
Science, Wisdom & the Future Conference Proceedings - Complementary
Included in your registration fee.
Step 3b:  Complete the appropriate boxes:
Only one registration per form, but you may reserve
and pay for additional meals and activities for non-conference accompanying guests.

To pay registration in installments of $100 each, or add
dinners or tours separately, send each payment with this form
                                                             Number    Subtotal
General Registration $295 
(or $100 installment payment)

Per-day registration -  $75
                                                                               Number     Subtotal
Adios Buffet  $49
(Includes dinner buffet, iced tea and coffee, dessert, tax, & gratuity)
                                                                                                                                      Number     Subtotal
Where From Here? Workshops
(Optional) $30 per person
(Includes buffet lunch

Name ____________________________________________________

Title & Affiliation ___________________________________________

Email address _____________________________________________                        

Phone number(s)___________________________________________                       

Guest Name(s)_____________________________________________


Thank you for completing your Science, Wisdom, & the Future Conference reservation and registration.  We look forward to seeing you at the conference!