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We express our gratitude to the sponsors and supporting organizations of the Science, Wisdom, and the Future Conference for their invaluable financial and other supporting contributions, and for sharing the vision of the Humanity Participants' Conferences. 

As with all participants' conferences in the Humanity Series, Science, Wisdom, and the Future is entirely self-supporting, and sponsors and support are welcome and appreciated.  Support can take the form of financial assistance for specific parts of the conference, such as the Howdy Dessert Reception, morning refreshments, welcome packets, or name tags. 

Support can also be provide by assisting in advertising the conference to members and mailing list, on websites and blogs, and at other organizational conferences. Both individual and organizational support is welcome. Sponsors and supporters will be listed as below on this website and honored in various ways throughout the conference.

Contact Cheryl Genet at 805-438-4088 or ScienceandWisdom@msn.com for further information.
Seed funding  
for the launch of the conference and the  conference

 Collins Family Foundation
 Dwight Collins, President
The mission of the Collins Family Foundation is to provide leadership in humanity’s efforts to live sustainably on Earth.
Development and Management


 Orion Institute
Cheryl Genet, Director

The Orion Institute provides educational
programs and conferences in the field of interdisciplinary science and theology and  forums for life-long learners to explore major scientific and religious worldviews and both cultural and personal maps of reality within an emerging global community and a vast & perplexing universe
Technical and Advisory Support


 Orion Observatory
Russ Genet, Director

The Orion Observatory does research on variable stars and exoplanet discovery, and provides research and educational opportunities for high-school and undergraduate student.
Promotional and Development
The Wisdom Centered Life
and Transletix
Richard Trowbridge, Founder
Wisdom can be cultivated in the same way critical thinking and learning skills can be cultivated. It is the goal of Wisdom-Centered Life to provide methods for developing wisdom that are effective, adequate to the concept, and that can be tested and improved. Wisdom is defined as perceiving reality and doing what is best. Individuals are encouraged to work out their own definition along with a rationale for that definition.
Training Athletes of Human Potential.

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